Deep renewal of the Alexander Dubček Primary School

About the activity

As part of the project, an in-depth renovation of the public building of the Alexander Dubček Primary School at 62 Majernikova Street in Bratislava is planned, using innovative adaptation and mitigation measures.

The aim is to increase the building’s resilience to climate change, its energy efficiency and to improve the living conditions for children and primary school staff. At present, the condition of the building is characterized by very high energy consumption, high water consumption and poor indoor air quality. During sunny days, the building overheats, as it has a large area of ​​roofs and unshaded windows.

In-depth reconstruction works will include, for example: reconstruction and insulation of the roof structure, thermal insulation of perimeter walls, installation of a system with air recuperation, implementation of a small green roof above the building entrance (according to a static assessment, a green roof on the main roof of the building is not possible) irrigated by rainwater, creation of a system of secondary use of sanitary rainwater with the help of an underground retention tank, location of renewable energy sources – photovoltaic panels and solar panels, modification of distribution for heat distribution for swimming pools in primary schools with regard to solar system and OPV, connection to the system MaR, installation of measuring and control systems for measuring and monitoring energy consumption / emissions, modernization of heating systems, hydraulic regulation of the heating system, renovation and replacement of windows and doors, shading by artificial elements (fixed shading from the outside of the building, movable shading elements interior and exterior), green revitalization of the inner atriums of the school with a system of fresh air intake from the atriums, where new greenery of various hydro-accumulation capacity will be planted with an emphasis on the support of biodiversity.

Adaptation measures for biodiversity will include the installation of nest boxes for umbrellas on the building’s façade.

Project activity indicators: annual reduction of CO₂ emissions by 130.97 t CO₂ eq. (1,047.73 t CO₂ / 8 years), 15 climate change mitigation and adaptation measures will be implemented.

What we have done so far


Photos of the A. Dubček Primary school after deep reconstruction