Community Climate and Biodiversity Educational Center

About the activity

As part of the project, the Community Climate and Biodiversity Educational Center (CoCliBEC) will be created. The main role of the center will be to promote building of the low-carbon communities resilient to climate change. It will offer space and educational materials to explain the need and possibilities to reach urban climate resilience, balancing the mitigation and adaptation efforts in residential areas, including the biodiversity protection. It will foster the community life and serve to raise awareness of inhabitants of residential areas about the climate change threats and existing solutions.




The Community Climate and Biodiversity Educational Center will be located on the premises of the Alexander Dubcek Primary School at 62 Majernikova Street in Bratislava and the neighboring sports and recreational area Majernikvoa. It will consist of an indoor zone – a presentation room with a separate entrance and inner atriums and an outdoor zone – an exhibition with demonstrations of activities to promote biodiversity.

The activities of the center will be managed by the Municipality Bratislava-Karlova Ves.

The center will consist of an outer and an inner zone:

I. Outer zone:

1.1. Exposition in the inner atrium of the primary school: atrium on the left – a combination of panels and 3D exhibits. Installation of models illustrating the impacts of climate change on residential areas and possible adaptation and mitigation measures.

1.2. Exposition in the inner atrium of the primary school: atrium on the right – a space dedicated to the cultivation of edible fruits and the promotion of biodiversity with a water element. Installation of a model to demonstrate sustainable water management.

1.3. Exposition in the sports complex on Majernikova – information path on the support of biodiversity – each element will be marked with an information board within the complex. Gazebo for outdoor educational activities with a demonstration of rainwater capture.

II. Inner zone:

2.1. Foyer of the main entrance to the school building – information panels in front of the atrium

2.2.  The Community Climate and Biodiversity Educational Center – presentation room with computer, data projector, tables and chairs, with a separate entrance from L. Fullu Street


– raising awareness of the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss, as well as of opportunities, measures and technologies that should help to increase climate resilience and ensure the quality of the urban environment, even in a changing climate.

– increasing the motivation and support of the population in the process of preparation and implementation of measures aimed at adaptation to climate change and mitigation of its consequences in the housing estates of the Municipality Bratislava – Karlova Ves.

Project activity indicators: implemented one social measure

What we have done so far



A newly created room for the Community Education Center for Climate and Biodiversity